CAPTEC Medical Ltd. is an international biotechnology Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) based in Hungary, founded by Paul Stolk (NL), Johan De Jonghe (BE), Balazs Janki (HU) and the Hungarian-American scientist Prof. Andras Guttman, PhD. The company was formed to employ and commercialize a technology developed in 2013 by Prof Andras Guttman, a reknown chemical-engineer specializing in bioanalytics. The technology is based on an antigen-antibody binding process that binds specific circulating cancer cells and was initially meant for diagnostic purposes. The scaledup version of Prof Guttman’s unique micro-diagnostic tool was soon recognized for its potential as a therapeutic medical instrument to be used in the treatment of not only cancer but multiple medical conditions. In its role of further developing and commercialing the full potential of this unique platform technology, CAPTEC has made alliances with key medical scientists at the Institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as well as clinical oncologists, awarded scientists, biotech-engineers and regulatory experts.

‘CAPTEC technology’, which is based on an extracorporeal blood filtering approach, has identified two areas of clinical use:

  • In cancer –reducing the number of circulating tumor cells and thus hindering the metastasis processes;
  • In infectious diseases – removing viral particles from the bloodstream and so circumventing the vireamia which can cause critical illness.

Reputable senior scientists in Europe and the US have overseen the developmental process and the results have been positively evaluated by experts in the field. Scientific aspects of the CAPTEC technology have been published. Patents have been granted in both The EU and the US. CAPTEC Medical Ltd. won 3rd place in the 2017 EIT Health Innostars Award and was awarded “Seal of Excellence” in 2021 and 2022 by the European Commision’s grant program. A significant grant was given in 2022 by Hungary for further development.

Our mission is to enhance overall patient survival and to improve their quality of life by removing harmful cells from the bloodstream.