Company description

CAPTEC Medical Ltd. is a Hungary based, international biotechnology SME founded by Paul Stolk (NL), Johan De Jonghe (BE), Balazs Janki (HU) and the Hungaro-American scientist Andras Guttman. In 2013 Prof Guttman developed the underlying high-throughput microfluidic concept for antigen- antibody binding process to capture cancer cells from blood at the University of Pannonia, which was first used as a micro-diagnostic tool. CAPTEC was joined with Institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Science and oncologists at hospitals and hired awarded scientists, biotech-engineers and regulatory experts to commercialize the so-called CAPTEC technology.

PontyIn 2022, CAPTEC technology, which is based on an extracorporeal blood filtering approach has two proved potential intended use:

  • In cancer – reducing the number of circulating tumor cells and thus drastically slow down or even stop metastasis process
  • In infectious disease – removing virus particles from the blood stream and so treat viremia and avoid patients to get critically ill

Reputable senior scientists in Europe and the US supported the development process. Some scientific aspects of the CAPTEC method have been published and peer reviewed, it is patented and has been positively evaluated by experts. Among others CAPTEC Medical Ltd. won 3rd place in the 2017 EIT Health Innostars Award, and was awarded “Seal of Excellence” in 2021 and 2022.